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February 2017

Gearstar Dyno Tests

Know That You KnowGearstar dyno tests while you eat

Gearstar performance transmissions knows the importance of getting it right the first time.  For this reason, all Gearstar transmissions are custom built, by a single master technician, from start to finish.  The focus of Gearstar remains that you know that you know you will be receiving the exact transmission you require.

Custom specified by you to perform how you want it to perform and deliver how you need it to deliver.  Furthermore, the transmission needs to be reliable.  Gearstar wont rest until we’ve built the transmission to deliver exactly what you require.  Regardless of your name, your position, your vehicle, or whatever the transmission on the bench is the most important thing to Gearstar.  As noted many times before, Gearstar does not shelve transmissions.  You spec, we build.

Gearstar Dyno Tests

Gearstar dyno tests while you sleepGearstar proudly boasts a less than one percent return rate.  So much consideration and care is devoted to every build, it doesn’t make sense to leave it at that.  For this reason Gearstar dyno tests every single transmission the equivalent of at least one hundred miles to ensure transmission and converter are performing perfectly.  Customer satisfaction is our number one ally.  Dyno testing all transmissions not only ensures that when your transmission arrives it’s ready to ride, but also means its assembled, converter and all, ready to install.  Gearstar doesn’t manufacture high quantities of transmissions. We build the world’s finest performance transmissions.

Gearstar Transmissions Maximize Potential

Custom One Off Transmissions

Gearstar Pro Series Transmissions while you eat and sleep

Gearstar builds custom one off performance transmissions engineered to perform. Think of Gearstar like a custom engine building shop but for transmissions instead.  The focus to achieve desired results and performance far exceed the desire to manufacture in ridiculous quantities.

The one of our master technicians being building a transmission, that transmission becomes the technicians only concern.  One satisfied customers far outweighs the potential for any unsatisfied customers.  For this reasson, Gearstar boasts a less than 1% return rate.  Our focus is pinpoint and our execution becomes exacting.  Gearstar focuses on the most finite and minuscule detail to ensure your custom performance transmissions is engineered to perform exactly how you need it to.  The transmission you purchase from Gearstar is not and will never be a shelf unit.  Every Gearstar transmission receives the same attention to detail.

Gearstar Transmissions Maximize PotentialGearstar 4L85E while you race

Engineered to perform, Gearstar transmissions maximize potential.  Whether for Hot Rod Garage, Roadkill Show, Leisinger Race Team or the local builder, Gearstar aims for perfection.  When we say engineered to perform we mean it. Gearstar builds horsepower transfer units. Anybody can manufacture transmissions for the masses, but it takes a dedicated company and focused process to custom build your unit.  Gearstar consistently reaches to squeeze every drop from your vehicle. What good is all that might if you cant put it to the road? Further, why would you settle for anything less?  Do the research and discover why the best trust Gearstar. Check out the video below and see what the guys at Hot Rod Garage say about Gearstar transmissions and maximize potential.