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3 Signs That Indicate Your Need for a Transmission Upgrade


While modern-day cars and trucks are very durable and can offer years of reliable service with the right care and maintenance, they do require major repairs as they age. The transmission, for example, might start giving problems and you may need to consider rebuilding or replacing it. Whether your transmission requires rebuilding or a complete replacement depends on a variety of factors. Here are 4 signs, apart from lit-up warning light, that show your transmission needs an upgrade-

  • Transmission slipping– When there is a problem in a manual transmission, it becomes harder for the driver to change gears, or the shifter just pops out of gear. In an automatic transmission, you experience transmission slipping while driving, or a loud thunk when you put it in the drive.
  • Fluid leaks– Pay attention to any puddles or stains underneath your vehicle and try to figure out where they are coming from. The fluid can travel across parts and the frame, making it difficult for you to determine its source. You can try placing a pan underneath the leak overnight and ask a mechanic to look for the problem.
  • Burnt smell coming from transmission fluid– It is important to keep a check on the transmission fluid to ensure that it is healthy for the system. It should have a transparent bright red color and a syrupy thickness. Check if there is a burnt smell or the fluid appears cloudy or brown. It may be a sign of a problem in the transmission.

If you found any of the above-mentioned signs, it’s time you repair or upgrade your transmission system to avoid costly damage. Whether you need Ford, GM, or Mopar performance transmission parts for a muscle car, pro-touring beast, modern performance machine, restoration project, or a daily-driver – Gearstar has got you covered.

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