4R70W Transmission

GearStar is a leader in performance transmissions. If you are restoring a vintage vehicle or building a racing vehicle, you need to replace the transmission with one that can handle high performance. The 4R70W is a popular transmission that was used in many various Ford vehicles starting in the early 1990s. When you need a transmission, check out our wide selection of top-quality transmissions for a variety of vehicles.

What is the Origin of the 4R70W Transmission?

The 4R70W transmission is a model that Ford introduced in 1993. It is the updated version of the AOD-E, a component with automatic overdrive. The 4R470W has gear ratios that are higher and gives improved take-off acceleration. The transmission has four gears and is a rear-wheel-drive transmission with a wider gear ratio than the AODE. The standard gear ratios of the 4R70W are first gear, 2.84:1, second gear, 1.55:1, third gear, 1.00:1, overdrive, 0.70:1 and reverse, 2.32:1. The transmission was originally used in several Ford vehicles, including the Lincoln Mark VIII, Ford F-Series, Thunderbird, Explorer, Lincoln Town Car, Mustang, and Expedition, among others.

Performance Transmissions

When you are updating, upgrading, repairing, or modifying your vehicle, you may want to choose a performance transmission. We sell several models of the 4R70W transmission, including level 2, level 3, and level 4. Generally, level 2 is for high-performance street use, while levels 3 and 4 are often utilized for racing. Our performance transmissions are ideal for anyone who is rebuilding or modifying their vehicles. One of our master mechanics painstakingly rebuilds each of our transmissions according to our precise specifications. You can trust that the transmission will work properly, and we guarantee our products.

What are the Specifications of the Performance Transmission?

We sell several different varieties of the 4R70W transmission. Level 2 is designed for street performance, and it has 450 HP, 12-inch heavy-duty converter with a lockup, and has a stall value of 1600-2400. Level 3 is a racing transmission with 500 HP, a 10-inch custom lockup, and a stall value of 2600-3200. The Level 4 racing transmission has 750 HP, custom lockup, and stall of 2600-4500. You will find additional specifications on our site. Each has a master overhaul kit that includes everything you need to install the transmission.

About GearStar Transmissions

At GearStar, we have been building high-quality transmissions for many years. People know us as one of the leading performance transmission companies in the country. We have a selection of transmissions for sale, including the iconic 4R70W transmission. When you purchase a GearStar transmission, you know that you will receive an excellent and reliable product. We guarantee our transmissions for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns you have about the transmissions. You can be sure that when you purchase a GearStar product, it will give you years of dependable service. Visit our website to view our gallery and testimonials from our satisfied customers.