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Transport of any car to Alaska will incur thousands of miles on tough terrains. The consequence of driving the vehicle through such conditions could cause unwarranted repairs or high gas prices. A small car may not be in the best condition for one to drive through the weather and ground. People who want to tour Alaska by car also prefer to begin the journey a few hundred miles before the start point.

Finding a shipping company to Alaska

Many transport companies do not include Alaska auto shipping in their itineraries because it is more remote than other parts within the country. Checking the reviews of the firm is necessary to reduce the hassle of shopping for a new mover every time you want to discuss the details.

The company should understand that shipping the car does not include the same metric as shipping It New York. The vehicle should have enough preparation to drive through inclement weather if you plan to start the process in colder seasons.

Timing your shipping duration

Auto transport firms prefer that clients are flexible enough to wait for arrival from across the country. Many clients can get the car as immediately as the set delivery date when they choose a team that has enough experience in the selected route. It is, however, crucial to remember that the schedule of the transport will vary to reflect the following unpredictable factors:

  • Mechanical issues
  • Health of drivers
  • Traffic en route
  • Weather
  • Accidents

Which is the best season to ship the car?


People will swear that it is cheap to ship a car across the state during summer because the route has few weather-related incidents. The truth is that summer can be expensive because there are bound to be more cars on the road. The congestion in cities increase the fuel usage of the carrier and demands extra effort by the staff.


This season tends to have low demands for Alaska auto shipping; hence most carriers will reduce the usual cost. The company may, however, charge extra to put your car in an enclosed carrier if the weather is too harsh for an open one.

Another fact that could escalate the fee is that wintertime brings about a real slow down of established roads in the US. Few drivers are knowledgeable or willing to maneuver these roads and will often wait until the weather improves their drivability.

What is the cost of shipping a car to Alaska?

The price depends on the car’s exact pickup location and the road’s condition. Other factors include the vehicle model, season, supply, and demand of shipping and the chose type of carrier. Here is a quick synopsis of shipping a sedan from major US cities:

  • $2900 from Los Angeles or Chicago
  • $3400 from Miami or Boston
  • $3500 from New York
  • $1800 from Seattle
  • $2100 from Atlanta or Houston

Special conditions of shipping a car to Alaska

Prepare your vehicle for cold winter conditions before the team loads the vehicle to the carrier. Use all the proper antifreeze fluids of up to -40 degrees Celsius. Finally, follow all other standard preparatory procedures to protect the car’s electric system and fuel consumption.



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