Ford AOD Transmission: A Love that will be Reverberated throughout Eternity!

Dec 20, 2017

Although Ford has been cautiously trying to keep up a significant distance with the AOD transmission, we won’t let their love fade out in the dust storm this easy.

Automatic overdrive was first introduced by the automaker in the 1980s when the automobile industry was just recovering from the severe blow of skyrocketing fuel prices. At that time, all the competing companies agreed on a single point, i.e., to keep the fuel usage as low as possible without compromising with the overall power going into the machine.

The general public well received Ford’s early AOD but usually hit a dead end regarding comfort and drivability.
While making changes, Ford introduced its electric model to wow the public, but that wasn’t just worth its metal concerning power outbursts against the racing needs.

As we’ve said, we couldn’t let that relationship dry down this early. So, we’ve devised a fully customized Ford AOD that truly is, worth its metal, no matter whether we’ve to build it right out of the former one’s ashes.

The AOD transmission rebuild kits helped us to do so without compromising with your power kicks. For you, we have 2, 3 or 4 AOD transmission models that have customizable torque, hp, cooler, piston, etc. We cater your every genuine racing need to make sure that you have a smoother and faster riding experience.
Ford AOD transmission systems are available online, grab one before somebody else does!