Turbo 350 Transmission - Automatic Transmission For Rear Wheel Drive Applications

Jan 4, 2018

The Turbo 350 transmission was launched for the auto enthusiasts in the year 1969. The three-speed automatic transmission was the first product that was jointly produced by Buick and Chevrolet. While both Chevrolet and Buick were a part of the General Motors family at that time, they functioned as separate entities. The three-speed automatic transmission was introduced as an alternative to the two speed GM Powerglide automatic transmission.

Turbo 350 transmission is used almost with every GM rear wheel drive truck applications and cars. To fulfill the growing demands of this transmission, rebuilt versions of Turbo 350 transmission have been brought to the market by companies that don’t work under any of the big names discussed above. These are independent entities that have come up with cost-effective and in part performing versions of Turbo 350 transmission. Plus there is not just one cost-effective substitute for the original transmission - there are different versions of the same transmission - you can select the version that is fit for your application. And these different rebuilt 350 transmission versions have different torque handling capabilities. The Turbo 350 transmission has a durable construction - is short in length and weights lighter as well.

If your rear wheel drive application needs transmission replacement, you now know where you should be headed and what you need to do.