Does your company want to buy recycled plastic? Vikoz Enterprises offers a great selection of recycled plastic products and materials ready to use as an end product, or manufacture into new products. 
Although Vikoz focuses primarily on the buying of your scrap, they also have a variety of materials for sale, including:
– VLDPE Clear Film in bales, rollstock and virgin pallets. Truckload every 4 weeks.
– LDPE Mulch Bags and Clear LLDPE Stretch Film, bales. The bales are mainly compacted with low density polyethylene bags used for mulch (wood wrap). 3-5 truckloads, approzimately 37-40,000 pounds per load.
– LDPE Logs, 95% of logs will be LDPE and other 5% of logs will be nylon.
– LDPE Clear Film used to cover car door panels
– HDPE 4-20MI mixed color regrinds, pics available upon request. 305 truckloads monthly, loads average 40,000 pounds.
– Natural hips, extrusion sheet in rolls or regrind. Will contain 1.5% EVOH all post industrial material.
– Rigid PVC polyone M3800 rigid injection grade, PVC regrind. Very clean with no contamination, Colors are black, red mix, and multi.
– Baled LDPE film, camelback yellow/greenish LDPE film bales, each weighing approximately 1,000 pounds, 90% yellow with 10% yellow/greenish color
– Geomembrand rolls, mostly 30 and 60 mil, may have some dirt inside and outside of rolls. LLDPE based resin.
– Purge. Purge loads are sloppy and come in about 20,000 pounds every 3 weeks. Purge that comes from extrusion laminators and coaters, may have small amounts of fill(calcium carbonate0 and other additives from the respective customers’ own reclaim efforts. 
– And many other products as well.
If you buy recycled plastic, you’ll be well-pleased with the products available from Vikoz. You may also be interested in the toll grinding services from Vikoz. Their size reduction and toll grinding services will save your company money. Vikoz will pick up your scrap plastic at any location within the US or Canada, regardless of where you are, even in the most rural areas. If your company is not able to do business with a local recycling center, Vikoz is the perfect solution to your problem. They’ll pick up your scrap plastic, and redeliver after their reduction services.
Vikoz Enterprises purchases raw plastic scrap in any form whatsoever, regrinds, redesigns and resells back to companies for the manufacture of new products. This saves energy and keeps a lot of plastics from entering North America’s landfills. Vikoz proudly serves the US and Canada with services that protect our environment and save companies money
If you’d like to buy recycled plastic from Vikoz, it’s easy. Simply send an email to [email protected], or call Vikoz at 801-673-3719, and let a specialist answer all of your questions for you. You’ll love doing business with US and Canada’s leading plastic recycler, and you’ll appreciate their convenient services.
If you’d like to learn more about what Vikoz does and how it can help your company, please visit online at You’ll be glad you made the connection.