Car Paint Shops In High Point Nc

Besides accidents and age, how you treat your car plays a huge role in how long it lasts and how often it requires repairs. You have to take good care of your vehicle to prevent breakdowns, ensure its reliability, and keeps it looking newer for longer. Aycock Frame & Body Shop is one of the best car paint shops in High Point, NC, that you can trust to give your car a quality paint job to maintain its appearance. Getting a paint job done is one of the ways you can make sure your car looks great.

What Should You Consider When Getting A Paint Job?

If you wish to change how your vehicle looks, a new paint job can do just that. But before you do it, here a few things you need to know before you give your car a makeover.

  • Time factor

To do a thorough repaint, the present coat has to be removed completely. If your car has any dents, they have to be sealed, then smoothed out. The prep work will also include sanding, removing the wax as well as the clear coat, and scuffing up the painted surface before using a quality primer.

All of this takes time, so before you take your car to the paint shop, you should find alternative means of transport. It’s also best to give the technicians working on your vehicle ample time to ensure they do a good job.

  • Cost

If you want to repaint your vehicle with a completely different color, you need to be aware that the job can be expensive. Unless you’re looking for cheap paint jobs, which you’ll definitely end up regretting.

What Could Be Damaging Your Car Paint?

Using your vehicle daily means exposing it to various issues that could ruin the paint. The best thing is to identify the different elements that can damage your car paint to prevent costly repaint jobs.

  • The Sun

Your vehicle will be exposed to the sun from time to time, especially if you live in a sunny area. Prolonged exposure to the sun will no doubt damage the paint. To protect the color of your vehicle, park your car in a garage, carport, or under the shade.

  • Bird Poo

Bird’s waste is acidic and will, therefore, dull and stain the paint. As much as you don’t want to roll up your sleeves and wash bird poop, it’s advisable to clean the area immediately to avoid damage to your car paint.

How to Keep Your Vehicle Shiny

Keeping your car looking clean and slick can become much easier and less of a hassle by washing it regularly. Although this is obvious, it’s importance cannot be overemphasized. The point is to come up with a regular schedule. Preferably, you should clean it once every two or four weeks, but not more than that. With time, tar, dirt, and other debris may become embedded in your vehicle’s paint while driving, and the longer it stays, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Get A Lasting Paint Job

The exterior of your car is just as important as the interior, and you should take care of it with a fresh coat of paint whenever necessary. If you’re looking for car paint shops in High Point NC, Aycock Frame & Body Shop is here for you. We’ll give your car the makeover you want, whether it’s a full body paint job or just a minor repainting. Contact us today on (336)272-1313 for more details about our services.

Car Paint Shops In High Point Nc

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Car Paint Shops In High Point Nc

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