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You might have had one of those days. You have somewhere urgent to get to, and as you try to unlock your car, you realize the key isn’t working. So, your mind races, thinking of all the reasons why you’re locked out. In order to understand why your key is no longer working, you need to know the kind of key you have and then why it might develop performance issues. Only a company offering car unlocking service in Austin, like us at 24 Hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services, can outline the real reasons why your keys might have stopped working.

Why Your Car Key Isn’t Working

Some of the reasons your car keys aren’t working are:

  • Faulty Key

The most obvious reason why your key has stopped working is that it’s damaged. Contrary to what most people think, a damaged key doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken into pieces. Keys are prone to wear and tear over time. This is because the grooves in your key come into contact with the internal mechanisms of the ignition or lock. This constant use has an effect on them, increasing the probability of damage, which might be the reason your key isn’t working.

  • Spoilt Lock

If your car key stops working suddenly, there is a likelihood that the lock is damaged. With a fairly modern vehicle, you may not have to deal with this because of the presence of keyless entry remotes. But for an older model, chances are your key is not working because the lock itself is worn down or faulty. Car keys work in tandem with keys. Therefore, if you are constantly using the keys to unlock your door manually, the lock’s internal mechanism will wear down with time. External forces such as a collision and environmental changes can also damage your car lock. In addition, debris, dirt, and other particles can block your car lock if not frequently cleaned.

  • Aftermarket Keys

People looking for spare or replacements keys may opt for aftermarket keys, which are much cheaper. However, aftermarket keys come with their fair share of risks. An aftermarket key may not be specifically designed for your vehicle, and as such, extra work may need to be done. That is why it is crucial to ensure an aftermarket key is programmed and paired to your key. If not, you might realize the key isn’t working.

  • Damaged Ignition Cylinder

Your key works with your ignition. So, if your key doesn’t work when inserted in the ignition, the fault could be your car ignition and not the car keys. And that’s why you need an expert car unlocking company to rule out a damaged key first.

Austin’s Trusted Car Unlocking Services

If your car keys have suddenly stopped working and you’re not sure what the problem is, then it’s time to call us for car unlocking service in Austin. We will be able to troubleshoot to find out what the issue is, then advise you on the best solution. Call us now at (866) 584-8488 for immediate assistance.

Car unlocking service Austin

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