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Turbos were invented to go faster than normally possible. In the days of old, some of the only ways to get better performance from your engine were either to increase the engine capacity or have a higher amount of air to be pumped into the engine.

The more air goes into the engine, the higher the performance, and the greater the efficiency in burning fuel, this is where a turbo comes in. A turbo is a device that takes advantage of the exhaust gas being removed from the engine and pumps the air into the air intake which in turn increases the engine performance, speed, and acceleration.

What are the benefits of having a turbo?

Most engines that come from the factory may be either underpowered or underperform compared to what is expected, a Cummins turbo can help remedy the situation. Some benefits of installing a turbocharger in your vehicle are:

  • In this modern times, National Governments advocate for fewer emissions by vehicles being driven, turbos allow for better fuel combustion which leads to lower emissions and even better fuel efficiency which would make turbocharged vehicles more friendly to the environment.
  • Aside from the kind of material used to build a vehicle, there is also the engine that contributes to the vehicle’s total weight. To reduce the weight of the engine, many manufacturers have had to reduce the engine size which would affect performance, installing a turbocharger can help to remedy the performance issues.
  • Turbocharger installation can lead to better fuel economy, an engine with four cylinders and a turbocharger would outperform a four-cylinder engine without and may even rival a six-cylinder engine all while getting better mileage on fuel consumption.
  • Since the exhaust gases are the source of the energy being used by the turbochargers, they help to reduce the amount of noise that the engine produces, making turbocharged engines run more quietly than engines without.
  • The higher you go, the thinner the air becomes, this is what causes a normal engine struggle, lose power, and efficiency in high altitude than when compared to a turbocharged engine. Since turbocharger continues to feed in compressed and dense air into the engine it will allow them to produce more power even in high altitudes.

Even though a turbocharger has great advantages to an engine, it also has disadvantages, for example, a turbocharged engine can suffer lags since the engine is getting more power from the exhaust, the engine has to reach a specific rpm before it can produce the boost needed. Also, since revving the engine higher can cause the engine to heat up significantly, it is possible that adding a turbocharger to your engine can also cause a high oil consumption by your engine.

Where to get a quality turbocharger?

If you are looking for a turbocharging solution for your engine, Cummins turbo in Fontana ca, is a great option to give a try. Our engineers at can give you advice on the best options for you to go with and also installation and after-sales service.

Cummins turbo Fontana CA

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Cummins turbo Fontana CA

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