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Strap yourself in. Gearstar's precision, unrivaled craftsmanship takes your ride to the max level.

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Strap yourself in. Gearstar's precision, unrivaled craftsmanship takes your ride to max level.

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4l60e Transmission

4l60e Transmission

The Benefits Of A 4L60e Transmission

Cars have been utilizing the 4L60E transmission for many years now and while there are some who take these transmissions for granted, there are a number of benefits that they allow us to enjoy as a result of their usage. If you opt for this transmission or you are someone who already owns one, it will behoove you to read on and learn more.

After all, there is no reason why all drivers can't enjoy the following advantages associated with a 4L60E transmission. Let's take a closer look at the benefits, so that you can make an informed choice about your next choice in vehicle or make the necessary changes to the vehicle you already own.

Access To More Horsepower

When you speak to those who utilize these transmissions in their daily existence, a common thread emerges. They greatly enjoy the added access to horsepower and love the get up and go that their vehicle possesses as a result of these transmissions. The total power that the transmission provides is difficult to match and the unit has the ability to take on up to 650 horsepower.

If you do not already have a 4L60E transmission, you can easily access one by receiving a readily available factory replacement that is affordable and well within the average budget. A retrofit can also be performed if need be and since it has a low ratio when used in first gear, you will find that it is far lower than the majority of similar transmissions that you are going to find.

Improved Gas Mileage

While there are a number of motorists who rely on a three speed automatic transmission to assist them, they are not able to enjoy the same benefits as far as gas mileage is typically concerned. Did you know that these transmissions allow yourself to experience a whopping 40 percent improvement on your gas mileage as compared to the aforementioned three speed?

This is especially useful to those who enjoy performing vehicle restorations and wish to utilize these automobiles on the open road. In many cases, older vehicles that have been restored do not provide their owners with the type of gas mileage that makes them feasible for daily driving. Since gas prices are so sporadic nowadays, utilizing a 4L60E transmission allows you to save a sizable amount of money. This leads to our final point....

Saving Your Hard Earned Cash

When it comes to fueling your automobile, this is an expense that is entirely unavoidable. That's why you need to equip your vehicle with the right parts, so that you are maximizing your your ability to save money. By saving all of the money that would normally be spent on fuel, you are able to preserve your funds for other crucial expenses that are bound to arise.

Automobiles have a way of requiring expensive repairs or maintenance during the moments when we least expect them to. That's why you need to utilize a 4L60E transmission, so that you can save money in the meantime and prepare yourself for any eventuality that could potentially come your way.


4l60e Transmission
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4l60e Transmission 4l60e Transmission 4l60e Transmission 4l60e Transmission 4l60e Transmission