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Strap yourself in. Gearstar's precision, unrivaled craftsmanship takes your ride to the max level.

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Strap yourself in. Gearstar's precision, unrivaled craftsmanship takes your ride to max level.

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4l65e Transmission

4l65e Transmission

How To Prepare Your 4L65e Transmission For Towing

One of the best transmissions made by General Motors is the 4l65e version. It was initially introduced in 2001 but went back to production immediately and was re-introduced in 2012 model year. The 4l65e transmission was very popular among the numerous brands of General Motors which include Avalanche and Colorado, Cadillac Escalade and Hummer H2, Chevrolet TrailBlazer, S15, S10 Blazer, Yukon, CK, Suburban, and the GMC Envoy.

Towing can be quite difficult and might lead to the destruction on any 4l65e automatic transmission. This is why this piece will show you what you can do to prepare your 4l65e transmission for towing.

1. Invest in an Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

Heat, as it is known, is one of the major killers of all automatic transmissions, and towing over to the factory without a towing limit is the fastest way to build up the heat in your 4l65e transmission. As advised, do not allow your 4l65e automatic transmission to get above 200 degrees. If it does, even with extra 10 degrees you will risk cutting the life expectancy by a factor of two.

It is also a known fact that if the temperatures go as low as 250 degrees, it can turn the organic oil based transmission fluid into the air. Once this happens, your transmission is bound to get damaged, so you might want to install a bigger transmission cooler that has its built-in electric fan to your vehicle. Whatever you do, ensure that you prevent your transmission from overheating.

2. Convert From an Organic-Based Transmission Fluid to a Synthetic Fluid

Synthetic fluid tends to hold up way better under high temperatures which don't break down easily compared to the organic fluids. Better still, when using a synthetic fluid, you are advised to go longer in between oil changes for a more pleasurable drive.

3. Install a Shift kit

A shift kit can help a great deal as it will protect your transmission while your vehicle is getting towed, it can also give you the opportunity to change just about any gear. It can help you greatly when you're going down a steep hill. When you're changing your transmission to a lower gear, ensure that your engine brakes are effective to help slow down the vehicle rather than burn out your brakes.

A shift kit can also help minimize the time it takes for the clutches and bands to apply fully. Doing so reduces the friction which helps reduce excessive wear and heat buildup. Lastly, a shift kit contains components which can raise the transmission line pressure, and provide extra holding power to the clutches and bands making it more solid under heavier loads.


With everyday car trouble that can occur due to lack of care or high mileage, you might be faced with a decision to replace your 4l65e transmission at anytime. When this occurs, it is advisable that you replace it with a re-manufactured transmission instead of one that has been used or rebuilt. A re-manufactured transmission usually includes huge upgrades, internal modifications designed, and a better warranty.​ It is more durable and solid.


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