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Strap yourself in. Gearstar's precision, unrivaled craftsmanship takes your ride to the max level.

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Strap yourself in. Gearstar's precision, unrivaled craftsmanship takes your ride to max level.

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How To Find A Quality 4L80e Transmission

The concept of locating your own 4L80E transmission may seem daunting, but there are a number of ways to ensure that you are able to do so with relative ease. We've taken the liberty of preparing a helpful how to guide, so that you are not left to wonder about the best places to locate a quality 4L80E transmission.

There are a few locations where you can obtain the desired transmission and we are here to offer you a useful list that narrows down the process. Please be sure to read on and learn more about the best ways to find a 4L80E transmission for your vehicle.

Buying Brand New

This is the most obvious way to procure the transmission that you need and while there are some who may shun this tactic in order to find a transmission that is a bit less expensive, you need to stop and consider the specific needs of your vehicle before proceeding. If you are someone who does not consider themselves to be well versed in automobiles, take a moment to speak with a trusted mechanic to find out more about your vehicle's needs.

Some vehicles are able to survive with a transmission that has been lightly used and others cannot. A brand new transmission tends to be quite costly and if you wish to avoid such expenses (especially the warranty), it is in your best interests to continue reading and find out more about the other options that are readily available to you in this regard.

Check Your Local Craigslist

This tactic can be a little more risky than simply purchasing a brand new 4L80E transmission from a trusted outlet, but you can also experience great savings if you know how to navigate sites like these. Picking up a used transmission on Craigslist is a helpful way to save money, but you will need to trust your gut and be sure that the seller you've selected is not selling you a hunk of junk.

Ask plenty of questions about the transmission before you make a final decision and do not broadcast a sense of desperation. You may want to purchase the transmission, but the seller does not need to know that until it is time. In the meantime, you are merely browsing and you are also in information collection mode. Utilize your very best judgement in these instances.

Head To The Local Junkyard

Not only can you head to your local junkyard to see what you can find, but you also can visit the local dismantler. Both of these locations will have viable options for you to choose from and you are also more likely to find knowledgeable people at these places who can let you know if you are making the best possible decision for the long term health and wellness of your automobile.

In these cases, the 4L80E transmission will probably need to be rebuilt, but this still allows you to enjoy a much lower overall cost. Each of these options comes with their own pros and cons, so consider every aspect before making a final decision.


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