Performance Transmissions

Whether you are rebuilding your dream vehicle or creating a muscle car or racecar, you need to obtain the best parts possible. You will be spending a lot of time and energy rebuilding your car, and you want it to be perfect. Performance transmissions are necessary to make your ride fast and smooth. You can find a large selection of transmissions at GearStar.

What Are Performance Transmissions?

Performance transmissions are built to replace existing original parts in vehicles that are to be used for performance on the street or racing. Our most popular transmissions include GM, Ford, and Mopar performance models. Each transmission has specifications that make it ideal for street or off-road racing. Our overhaul kits include all of the parts you need, including wiring harnesses, to install the transmission in your vehicle. You will find a complete list of our products on our website.

Choosing a Performance Transmission

When you purchase a transmission, you want to choose a high-quality component that is reliable. You don’t want to spend time installing the unit only to find that it doesn’t function properly. At GearStar, we take the worry out of buying performance transmissions. We have five master technicians on board, and one of them will build your transmission from start to finish. We pay particular attention to detail, so we know that the unit will always work correctly and last a long time. We perform testing on each transmission before we ship it. The testing is equivalent to 100 miles, to make sure that the unit works exactly as you expect.

What is the Warranty?

At GearStar, we provide high-quality performance transmissions and include a 36 month or 36,000-mile warranty. The warranty covers failure due to workmanship and parts that we used in the re-manufacturing process. You will not likely encounter a problem, but if you do, please call us immediately, and we will assist you with what to do next. Keep in mind that if you tamper with the equipment, it will void the warranty. We build our transmissions by hand, and we manage every part of the process, and we use dyno-testing before we ship the unit to you.

About GearStar

GearStar is a leading transmission company. We got our start from the need to provide premium transmissions for high performance or racing vehicles. We know that a performance or racing vehicle has much higher demands than a typical family car. With that in mind, we found that few companies offered a quality product that fits the needs of a performance machine. Off-the-shelf transmissions won’t provide the power and reliability that racing demands. We have a team of master technicians, and we build each transmission by hand, not by production. We take pride in our exquisite craftsmanship on every transmission we make. When you purchase a transmission from GearStar, you know that you are getting a quality product that will not let you down. Visit our gallery online to view some of the many testimonials from happy customers.