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Buying a trailer is a significant investment, and one way to soften the blow is to purchase a pre-owned trailer. However, unlike brand new trailers, you have to be very careful when getting a used trailer. Besides, you may be overwhelmed by the number of used trailers for sale available in Alberta. To make this process easier and ensure you buy the best-used trailer for your need, there are some factors that you can focus on to help you narrow down your search.

Your Need

When purchasing a trailer, you will want to consider why you want to get it. Are you looking for used cargo or used livestock trailers for sale in Alberta? After determining this, then consider the best features for you that the trailer most have, such as bed sizes, cab sizes, weight, payload capacity, etc. With this information, you will be able to determine if a particular trailer meets your need while conducting your search.

Trailer History

The trailer you want to buy should have vehicle history documentation and vehicle title. Plus, you should ask the current owner for the trailer history, which includes oil change and maintenance records, recent upgrades, any history of accidents. You may want to ask why the owner is trying to sell and observe if the reason is consistent with the trailer’s records. For instance, oil change records can tell you if the trailer gets proper maintenance. You should also know what collisions and accidents have affected the trailer.

Check for Red Flags

If your choice has a potential sign of trouble like cracks in the frame or worn-out suspension – they should be reflected in the price of the trailer. In fact, if any of these signs come up during inspection and you weren’t informed about them, this can be another red flag. The most obvious parts you should check during an inspection are the brakes and tires. When it comes to less obvious problems, ensure to inspect the kingpin. The kingpins of most modern trailers are made of carbon steel, which can make rust a real problem.

Take the Trailer for A Spin

While shopping online is a great option, you still need to take the trailer for a test drive. Plus, you should have a mechanic on hand who can tell you if there are obvious issues with the trailer that could be a problem down the road. When you go to the trailer seller in person, you’ll be able to understand their need to sell, which can help with your negotiation.

Buy Used Trailer in Alberta From A Reputable Dealer

Unless you know the original owner of the trailer and its maintenance history, we suggest you deal with a reputable pre-owned trailer dealer rather than a private individual. In addition to getting the best new or used cargo trailers, they also offer various forms of financing and a better chance of recourse if the deal goes sour. Plus, the dealer is likely to offer a short warranty in case the trailer breaks down shortly after purchase.

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Our collection of used trailers for sale can help you save money by cutting any corners on quality. We also offer a wide inventory of new trailers for sale. If you have concerns or questions about our pre-owned trailers Lethbridge, contact us today!

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