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Rideshare Insurance

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You’ve most likely been having difficulty finding the right auto coverage for your rideshare needs. That’s because, as a rideshare driver, most insurance companies won’t cover you while you’re roaming, waiting to pick up your next ride. Your ridesharing company’s policy will not provide coverage during this time, neither will a regular auto insurance policy. What you’ll need is a policy that offers an endorsement to provide coverage for rideshare drivers.


OnGuard Insurance is an authorized provider of Mercury Insurance, which offers a ‘transportation endorsement’ that provides coverage for rideshare drivers for only about $10 per month. Being one of the most affordable companies to do business with, you’ll probably end up paying less than you were before you needed rideshare insurance! That’s great news, right?


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The explosive growth of transportation network rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have given way to  a specific need for unique coverage as consumers embrace this convenient form of transportation. There are an estimated half a million drivers currently involved in ridesharing, seeking rideshare insurance to adequately cover them while on the road. Many of these drivers are unknowingly exposed to potential gaps in their coverage that could lead to serious problems if they were involved in an accident.


In almost no cases do ride-hailing companies offer coverage to their drivers. The company’s full commercial coverage does not come into play until a ride has been accepted. During the time when a driver has logged into the company app but has not yet accepted a ride, sometimes called Period 1, the driver has limited coverage.


To further complicate matters, a driver’s personal auto policy was not designed to extend coverage when transporting passengers for hire. In fact, most personal policies explicitly exclude this type of exposure, and many are intending this exclusion to include the time when the ride-hailing app is on, but no fare has yet been accepted (Period 1).


Rideshare insurance extends a driver’s personal auto insurance policy through Period 1 of the ride cycle, allowing drivers to own coverage not already provided by their rideshare company’s policy. Your Transportation Network Company’s insurance provides coverage from when a ride is accepted on the app, to the time when a passenger is dropped off. Your rideshare policy provides coverage while roaming and looking for a passenger, and off course, for all other personal use.


If you need rideshare insurance, contact the company that is able to provide it: OnGuard Insurance. Make sure you’re properly covered for every moment you’re on the road. You can learn more about rideshare insurance by visiting or by calling OnGuard Insurance at 888-997-8683.