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“What 700R4 rebuild kit is right for me?” This is the question of a prospective rebuilder searching for the best 700R4 rebuild kit on the market. The 700R4 automatic transmission is 4-speed in Chevrolet and GMC cars and trucks. General Motors launched this automatic transmission in the early 1980s, an upgrade to the popular 3-speed TH350 transmission and the older models of rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

The primary aim of developing the 700R4 automatic transmission was to improve fuel economy in vehicles significantly. This aim was achieved successfully, thanks to the 30 percent overdrive in 4th gear it featured. In addition, the overdrive allowed pickup trucks and sports cars that came with it to be even more affordable to use or drive. The 700R4 transmission is featured in vehicles – including rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks – from 1982 to 1993. Here are some of them, arranged in no particular order:


  • Jimmy: 1982 – 1993
  • Syclone: 1991 – 1992
  • Safari: 1983 – 1990


  • Blazer: 1982 – 1991
  • Camaro: 1983 – 1992
  • Corvette: 1982 – 1992
  • Astro Van: 1985 – 1992
  • Suburban: 1984 – 1992


  • Brougham: 1990 – 1992
  • Fleetwood: 1990 – 1992
  • Limousine: 1990 – 1992

The last 700R4 transmission was produced more than 20 years ago. This shows that it has been around for some time and remains popular due to its adaptability and reliability. However, rebuilding a transmission from the ground up and for the first time can be daunting, especially if you’re not DIY-inclined. You must be 100 percent sure you possess the chops or skills to take on this challenging task. It starts with deciding or figuring out the primary goal of your 700R4 rebuild. For example, why do you want to rebuild your 700R4 transmission?

Do you want to save money and time by performing a basic repair so you can get back on the road as soon as possible? Vehicle owners do 700R4 transmission rebuilds for several reasons. First, your transmission may function remarkably well now; however, you are considering dropping it and doing a high-performance 700R4 rebuild to handle heavy-load situations. Some even perform in-depth 700R4 transmission rebuilds to eliminate any known OEM weaknesses. Whatever your reason for rebuilding a transmission, you need to be sure it is the right step.

What to Consider Before Starting the 700R4 Rebuild Process

You need to consider the following before embarking on your transmission rebuild process. Here they are in no particular order:

  • First, what year is the vehicle whose 700R4 transmission needs a rebuild?
  • Is the transmission unit damaged? What is the extent of the damage?
  • What hard components should you get before starting the transmission rebuild process?
  • Are molded rubber pistons in the transmission, or do they use piston lip seals?
  • Does your transmission unit make use of a bonded valve body plate?
  • Does your 700R4 transmission’s pump use an O-ring or wedge-style seal?

These are just a few questions/things to consider before embarking on your 700R4 transmission rebuild.

The 700R4 Rebuild Manual

A rebuild manual is essential, whether or not you have the necessary experience rebuilding transmissions. A rebuild manual showcases every intricate detail of the transmission you are working on. For instance, a different component may be located at another corner in a particular year. When it comes to standard transmission rebuild manuals, the ATSG Manual is a perfect choice. They have a 700R4 rebuild manual with brilliantly-sketched diagrams and top-notch information that helps ensure you are doing the right thing as you rebuild your 700R4 transmission. The standard transmission rebuild kit, known as the Alto PowerPack, comes with the following:

  • A new filter
  • High energy carbon band
  • Corvette Servo
  • Trans valve body separator plate

SA Design’s Builders and Swapper’s Guide

This extraordinary rebuild guide is ideal for a high-performance transmission rebuild. The guide is informal, making it easier for anyone to read and understand while wrenching on a vehicle’s 700R4 transmission unit.

Top Performance Transmission Rebuild Kits

Part of rebuilding a 700R4 transmission includes ensuring the unit is stronger and much more efficient than it used to be. The top performance transmission rebuild kit from B&M that helps generate more power includes:

  • High-performance materials
  • Made only for the 1987-1993 700R4 transmission in particular
  • Complete gasket set
  • High-performance springs and valves
  • Drain plugs
  • One-year warranty

700R4 Rebuild Kit With a Torque Converter

When choosing the appropriate torque converter for your unique application, several variables must be considered. You can re-order a stock converter if you only rebuild a 700R4 transmission. There is also nothing wrong with going for a torque converter with the same stall speed as your automobile had from the factory. However, if this is not the case, you will need to be incredibly careful when searching for a suitable torque converter for your vehicle. Modern LS-type engines make good power, but the stall does not have to be as extreme since the heads generate more power. This allows for a less aggressive cam profile, allowing the engine to retain decent bottom-end power efficiently.

700R4 Transmission Recommendations

Experts highly recommend replacing every friction material – e.g., band/clutches – and the filter when undertaking a 700R4 transmission rebuild. Moreover, OEM 700R4 transmissions come with several inherent weak points within the sun shell and the ¾ clutch packs. Therefore, ensure you make use of an aftermarket sun shell. Ensure you replace the front stator tube bushings, rear case, and pump body. Replace any other part that looks worn or scratched. After any transmission rebuild, you must always use a remanufactured or new torque converter. Also, don’t forget to install or rebuild a remanufactured valve body on every rebuilt transmission.


Rebuilding any transmission is not a walk in the park. The 700R4 transmission is one of the toughest today and has held its own for over 20 years. You can get the best 700R4 transmission rebuild kit, depending significantly on your budget and the power you want to put on the pavement.