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How Do Performance Chips Work?

A car’s performance chip also called a super Chip, allows a car’s engine to produce more horsepower and torque when installed into the vehicle. Performance chips for cars are designed to maintain drivability and efficiency while increasing the car’s speed and horsepower.

These chips overrule the manufacturer’s settings giving your car more engine power and torque. Tuner chips achieve this function by altering specific parameters in the engine operation. The chips make specific alterations to vehicles’ operations and other parameters, including fuel mixture, supplied to your engine, ignition timing, fuel cut, and so on, which ultimately increases the vehicle’s horsepower.

The factory chip typically contains a “lookup table”  containing data that tells the engine to respond under various circumstances. For example, if you are driving 70 miles per hour and abruptly step on the gas pedal fully, the device will notice this and inquire the way forward from the chip. Hence, the chip refers to its lookup table and notifies the computer how much gas should be sent to the engine. When it comes to a factory chip, the car manufacturer determines all of these parameters for its reasons and purposes. Once you install a performance chip, it modifies the lookup table and adjusts specific parameters to enable your car to perform optimally without regard to fuel economy, emissions, and other performance-reducing constraints.

When you chip your car, it becomes more responsive. However, the increase in performance is determined by the quality and type of performance chip you buy. Therefore, the results might differ. The wide varieties of super chips available are progressively becoming more each day. Some chips are programmed to increase horsepower, fuel mileage, and throttle response.

Can Performance Chips Ruin Your Engine?

Contrary to some drivers’ assertions, car tuning does not automatically ruin your vehicle engine. However, you will almost certainly experience a couple of drawbacks. Despite the appealing prospects of car tuning, some drivers claim it could cause damage, not necessarily to the car engine but also other vehicle components.

The challenge begins with installation. Sometimes a car tuner might not install the power tuners and performance chips correctly. As a result, your vehicle may become more challenging to handle. In addition, some drivers claim performance tuning may shorten the lifespan of your car engine because it pushes the engine so hard, causing it to break down within a short time.

A Few Important Considerations Before Installing a Performance Chip

Consider a few factors if you are thinking about tuning your car with a performance chip.

  • Performance chips may give you power; however, they will also increase your engine’s risk of a power failure.
  • Installing a performance chip could void an existing warranty on your vehicle.
  • Installing a performance chip to increase power invariably means spending more money on fuel.

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Tuner Chip Las Vegas

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