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The hottest new products for muscle car enthusiasts have been designed to amplify every aspect of the car. You can rely on the expertise of numerous car manufacturers and designers to deliver a product that improves the level of performance or aesthetic appeal of your ride. What’s more, they can also serve as unique gifts for car lovers who are always on the lookout for what’s in trend.

New Products for Muscle Car Enthusiasts

Some of the latest products for muscle car enthusiasts are:

1. LS Side Pipe Headers

The new LS side pipe headers from Detroit Speed, Inc. are designed for LS engines, specifically in the 1968-1982 Corvette. Muscle car enthusiasts will love these headers due to their maximum ground clearance, cleaner engine compartment appearance, and high performance.

According to the product’s developer, the headers are durable, attractive, and their installation is quite easy. The LS side pipe headers can be paired with C3 Corvettes, and they were designed to specifically fit Detroit Speed’s SpeedRay front suspension installations. Specifications include:

    • Stainless steel design
    • Hand welded by Pro Fabrication
    • 1 7/8-inch primary tube diameter
    • 4-way merge collectors

Complete your Corvette’s exhaust by pairing the LS side pipe headers with Hooker stainless steel side tubes.

2. T-56 All-in-One Harness

The T-56 transmission all-in-one harness is useful to car enthusiasts owning vehicles equipped with a Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission, a six-speed manual transmission used in cars produced by Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Dodge. The Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission has 3 electronic connections that are used to control the car’s reverse lockout, reverse lights, and speedometer output.

However, there is no convenient way to connect the reverse lockout. Manipulations carried out by car enthusiasts to create this connection often leads to premature wear on the reverse lockout solenoid. This problem can be avoided with the all-in-one harness, which serves as a beneficial complement to Classic Instruments’ electronic speedometer in the T-56 transmission. This easy to install harness offers proper OE functionality for the reverse lockout, a reverse light connection, and a VSS signal.

3. Emblematic

The 1968 Chevy II and the 1968 -1972 Nova also have something new to work with, and that’s all new trunk lid emblems released by Classic Industries. These trunk emblems are officially licensed GM Restoration parts; meaning they are of high quality and can be used to give your car’s rear a fresh look. The emblems are made of high quality die-cast materials, featuring black satin accents and factory markings that showcase their authentic appearance.

4. Vintage-Style Valve Covers

1958-86 Small Block Chevy engines manufactured with perimeter bolt patterns can have a revamped look with the new vintage Series valve covers released by Holley. These valve covers are 3.3″ tall with pre-installed internal oil baffles, and are made from die-cast aluminum.

Holley’s covers reduce the risk of oil leaks and warping of the valve cover flange while adding detail to the motor’s looks. These valve covers are available in different finishes including:

    • Gloss red
    • Natural cast
    • Polished
    • Satin black with machined fins
    • Factory orange with machined fins

Stock valve covers have unappealing style and offer minimal performance. Holley’s covers are an improvement on factory offerings and are equipped with coil-on-cover ignition technology, improving your Chevy’s performance.

5. Strong S-Series

The Strong S-Series by Strange Engineering is made from a high tensile strength nodular iron that is designed for hard-core street and track applications. The nodular iron case was crafted to offer increased strength, attested by its reinforced tail bearing, nodular iron caps, and radial rib design.

The product can be used in conjunction with Posi units, helical differentials, and also a spool given its level of reinforcement that offers enhanced rigidity. On the same note, the nodular iron case offers a Daytona pinion support and a wide selection of a street gear.

6. Book on COPO History

COPO muscle cars, including the Nova, Camaro, Chevelle, Vega, and Corvair are decades old (the 1960s and early 1970s), however, these are legendary performance vehicles manufactured by GM. COPO stands for “Central Office Production Order,” and the concept was created as a loophole for car manufactures to produce and sell high performance vehicles to the general public.

Many popular GM muscle cars have originated from these American, industry shaping vehicles. Given the immense popularity of these beasts, a book titled “COPO Camaro, Chevelle & Nova” has been written specifically to provide details on COPO muscle cars.

The book includes narratives from GM executives, original owners of these cars, repair technicians, among others. If you’re a die-hard fan of COPO muscle cars like the Camaro, Chevelle, or Nova, or you’re interested to learn about where it all began, then this book is for you.

7. Drop-Down Battery Boxes

Batteries can now be placed in drop-down battery boxes that help to distribute the car’s weight evenly. Another advantage of installing one of these boxes is that the engine compartment is less cluttered and now provides the opportunity for an auxiliary or main battery to be added.

If there is insufficient space in your trunk to support a battery, or you’d rather not have one sitting in it, use a drop-down box to mount your battery under the floor of your vehicle. These boxes provide easier to access the battery, making installations or replacements simple.

Drop-down battery boxes are commonly produced with black powder-coated steel designs, but stainless steel options are available. Most standard-sized battery sizes will fit into the specified internal dimensions of 10.5 by 7 by 9.5 inches (LxWxH).

8. Painless Pro Series Chassis Harnesses

The Painless Pro-Series chassis harness provides you with tools necessary for turning your custom routed wiring into a direct fit for your build. Each Pro-Series harness comes equipped with ample length wiring, giving you the flexibility of routing and hiding wires specific to your needs.

Painless Performance Products offers the chassis harnesses in two size, the smaller 12 fuse block controlling 23 circuits or, the larger 18 fuse block controlling 25 circuits. Each kit includes heat shrink, insulated and non-insulated butt splices, cable ties and cable tie clips.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the newest products for muscle car enthusiasts looking to improve their car’s performance and appearance. These products can make your ride unique and stand out from every other muscle car out there. Hence, you need to be among one of the first to take advantage of these products to ensure that your car is revamped from the traditional muscle car.

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