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GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 2

Powered with 500 Horse Power, these automatic transmission gears are compatible with 4WD Lock-Up and HD Towing converters. Unlike manual transmission, GM 4L80E Transmission Level 2 has stall level of 1800-2000. It comes with a torque converter for a complete 4-speed overdrive transmission. This is guaranteed to lower engine RPM while improving its fuel economy.


GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 3

A notch more powerful than the Transmission Level 2, Level 3 boasts 600 Horse Power that can generate up to 600 ft. lbs. of torque. This automatic transmission for sale is compatible with 10” custom built lock-up billet racing converters. As an automatic transmission gear, this has a stall level of 2600 to 3600 rpm.


GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 4

The GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 4 is powered with whopping 800 Horse Power. This automatic transmission gear can also generate up to 700 ft. lbs. of torque at a stall level of 2800 to 3400 rpm. This automatic transmission for sale is compatible with custom built and custom stalled 10” Lock-Up Billet Racing converters.



The GM 4L80E transmissions are total champs in the horse power department. This high-performance automatic transmission for sale has a four-speed overdrive that can work in any engine combination.

Works at any power level

This automatic transmission gear works at any power level to reduce the occurrence of slippage and engine malfunction. Often overlooked, GM 4L80E transmissions are the future of engine transmissions. It delivers power at a very competitive cost.

Advanced electronic controls

You can now shift gears smoothly with the advanced electronic controls of GM 4L80E transmissions. Although it’s equipped with more horsepower, GM transmissions are developed without putting added pressure on the rest of the driveline.

Lock-up torque converter

Your engine can cope up better with reducing rotational speeds by using the lock-up torque converter of GM transmissions. It reduces heat and energy loss to improve your engine’s fuel economy, much so for very heavy vehicles. The lock-up torque converter will deliver better gliding transmission power with less heat.

Top-rated option

GM 4L80E transmissions are taking the market by storm. It has added power and better efficiency without breaking the bank. This means better engine performance, even on the toughest driving conditions. GM transmissions are engineered to transform your engine into a performance powerhouse.