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The ’67 Crusher HOT ROD

The ’67 Crusher HOT ROD displayed dyno-test time in HOT ROD, Car Craft, and Chevy High Performance magazines.  How quick is it? Answer: 10.62 at 126 mph in the quarter. Not bad. After posting those numbers on the web and in a YouTube video folks wanted to know the skinny, so here it is.

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67 Crusher HOT ROD

The Power

The ’67 Crusher’s focal point is the engine, which is a 489ci big-block Chevy that’s been around for many years. We know from old stories that it made 650 to 660 hp at about 6,000 rpm and 650 lb-ft at 4,400. That’s actually not too impressive for a blown Rat but the engine is very, very tame. Most important, induction comes from a Weiand 8-71 blower that has been Teflon-stripped and blueprinted by The Blower Shop We run the blower significantly underdriven to deliver only 5 psi of boost, and we’ve never run it on higher than 91-octane gas, even at the track.

'67 Crusher HOT ROD


The Crusher’s best asset is the Gearstar transmission which modernizes the dinosaur. The Gearstar transmission uses computer-controlled shift points and adjustable shift firmness. Moreover, the performance transmission will handle 400 more horsepower than it’s being fed.

Gearstar transmission


Zero rocket science here. In fact, it’s pretty wrong. Out back, we’ve got sagged-out multileaf springs and old-school slapper bars. In the front, it’s all stock but with CPP (PN FCS6330D) big-block Chevelle springs to hoist the nose for an old-school look. We’ve got QA1 double-adjustable shocks all around. In race trim, the car weighed 3,475pounds. Add 175 for the driver and another 20 in video equipment, and you get 3,670 pounds rolling down the track.

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The Crusher remains badass as-is. We can drive it anywhere and it runs cool in traffic.  The Crusher is not what we expected.  The Changeling morphing our styles at will ceases to exist. We’re pretty well loving it as is.

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