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Classic Trucks

By October 8, 2009Uncategorized

TRUST ME Yeah it’s rebuilt…trust me. How many times have you heard that? It’s easy to get bamboozled in the game of buying remanufactured parts. It seems like you can’t trust anybody these days. Gear Star Performance Transmissions is doing its best to change this.

They back up every remanufactured transmission they build with dyno-proven results. Gear Star’s Axiline Dynamometer provides the ultimate testing for transmissions. By placing tremendous loads and drag on Gear Star’s remanufactured transmissions, Gear Star subjects them to more rigorous demands than will be experienced on the street or at the track, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability. Tested repeatedly up to 130 mph, Gear Star checks each transmission for leaks or defects before shipping the units across the U.S., Canada, and overseas to Japan, Germany, England, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. The goal of such extensive testing is “No Returns” due to transmission failure. Wow, how many companies are willing to put that claim on their product? Contact them today for more info. Gear Star, 132 N. Howard St., Dept. CT, Akron, OH 44308; (800) 633-2353; www.gearstar.net.