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Crusher Camaro Gearstar 4L85E Install

By November 9, 2016Blog Posts

Crusher Camaro Gearstar 4L85E Install

Will it fit in your car?

The Crusher Camaro Gearstar 4L85E Install. The 4L85E AOD transmission is a tough box, especially after a company like Gearstar builds it.

Having another gear and a lockup torque converter will make highway cruises easier on your wallet and ears, but you still have to stuff this monster into your car. Here’s a breakdown of the critical dimensions of the GM 4L85E and a TH400. All measurements are listed in inches.

Crusher Camaro Gearstar 4L85E Install We get the Crusher Camaro up and running by installing a Gearstar 4L85E, a Aeromotive Fuel System and a few other tune-ups. Only at www.hotrod.com, the official website for Hot Rod Magazine.

Source: Gearstar 4L85E and a Aeromotive Fuel System Install for the Crusher Camaro – Hot Rod Network