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Gearstar 200-4R Overdrive Transmission

By October 7, 2016October 21st, 2018Blog Posts

Gearstar 200-4R Overdrive Transmission

We needed a transmission that could do it all, and support any future engine upgrades without worrying about reliability. Plus, the Nova had to be able to handle long cruises while producing moderate fuel economy and able to boogie down the quarter-mile.

Gearstar 200-4R Overdrive Transmission

Since the engine was removed, it served as the perfect opportunity to scrap the tired TH350 and lame converter for an all-new transmission. We sourced a Gearstar 200-4R overdrive transmission. Outfitted with their Level III internals and a 10-inch 2,800- to 3,600-stall converter rated for up to 500 hp and 475 lb-ft. It all came shipped complete to our door in a crate and included the Lokar installation kit, ATF transmission fluid, heavy-duty shroud, and deep transmission pan. The 200-4R offered up more response from a dig with its steeper gearing, and the overdrive (0.67:1 ratio) would accept highway cruising with significantly lower rpm. Best of all, the swap required little modification since the overall case length is nearly identical to the TH350 we pulled out, which meant we could reuse our factory driveshaft.

Gearstar 2004R while you roll

Gearstar 2004R while you work

Gearstar 2004R while you ride

Gearstar 2004R while you sleep

Gearstar 2004R While you eat

Check out this Gearstar 200-4R overdrive transmission install. Read the full atricle from the official website for Chevy High Performance Magazine!

Source: Gearstar 200-4R Overdrive Transmission – Chevy High Performance Magazine

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