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What Makes For a Good Hot Rod Overdrive And How To Install One – Rod Authority

By September 8, 2016October 21st, 2018Blog Posts

This story is all about high performance overdrive automatics. Modern automatic transmissions go far beyond the old slushbox technology inside the typical TH350 or C4 you find in most hot rods. We talk with Gearstar and TCI as well as show to custom install a late-model overdrive in your classic.

Source: What Makes For a Good Hot Rod Overdrive And How To Install One – Rod Authority

gearstar performance transmission

4L65E – Level 4 Transmission with Torque Converter

Rod Authority Interviews Patrick from Gearstar

Rod Authority spoke with Patrick, a Master Builder for Gearstar, talking about what to look for in a performance overdrive. “Each Gearstar transmission is fully remanufactured by one Master Tech Builder,” he told us. “From tear down to prep and even selecting the parts that go in each Gearstar transmission.”

In order to get quality and performance out of the transmission, you need quality parts. Gearstar uses only the best for their transmissions.“We use Koline steels, Torrington bearings, Raybesos Stage1 clutches and Sonnax hydraulics to ensure the customer ends up with a transmission that will last and perform” Patrick said.

Gearstar performance transmissions are classified in level’s. Level 1 is basically stock, Level 2 is typically good to about 450 hp, depending on the transmission itself. Gearstar’s Level 3 builds are a good choice for the mid-level power range. A Level 4 4L65E is good to 650 hp, while the same level Ford 4R70W is only good to 450 hp.

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