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Leisinger Race Team

Leisinger Race Team & Gearstar Performance Transmissions

Leisinger 1970 Crusher Camaro

The Leisinger Race Team & Gearstar Performance Transmissions. Gearstar is the official transmission of Lesinger Race Team and currently the only race cars running automatics in top 16 finalist. Back in 2007 Dave and Karen witnessed their first Goodguys autocross competition.

“I was hooked,” explains Dave. “I’m not the type of guy that likes to sit around, so autocross racing is a perfect fit for me and my family.” It’s easy to see the attraction-autocross gives hot rod enthusiasts a whole new way to participate in their hobby.

When Dave and Karen Leisinger drew up the wish list for their new family ride, they tossed the standard creature comforts out of the window-heck, they even jettisoned the windows and the back seat, too! “The car has to be as light as possible, and still hold together,” says Dave with a smile. That’s because this is no ordinary grocery getter. This 1970 Camaro is called Crusher and it has one serious aspiration-to reign supreme on the autocross course at just about every Goodguys Rod & Custom Association show in the country.

Source: Family Car: Dave and Karen Leisinger’s 1970 Camaro

Leisinger Race Team & Gearstar Performance Transmissions

Leisinger Crusher II

Gearstar Equipped Crusher II

The Leisinger Crusher II Corvette is equipped with a Gearstar 200R4 transmission.  The transmission is customized for Dave and Karen while catering to their needs in autocross racing.  Check out the 200R4 here.

gearstar performance transmissions 200R4

Gearstar 200R4

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