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Hand Made By One

Each performance transmission is different and each customer has different needs. A single builder crafting your transmission means that he is intimately involved with both the transmission and the project. He has your requirements in mind while building through every point in the process.

Performance Transmission

We’ve Got You Covered

That’s right, we’re not looking to rebuild your wife’s minivan transmission. Hot Rods… Street Rods… those are our loves, so we’ll leave the soccer practice and 9-to-5 commuter transmissions to the bulk manufacturers. We know how you feel when you are looking for someone you can trust with your baby, and we treat it like it is our own. Whether you are looking for a Ford performance transmission, a GM performance transmission, or a Mopar performance transmission – we’ve got you covered.

Born In The USA

We take pride in knowing we provide products made in the USA. We only use the top US made parts when it comes to our transmissions.

Life Is Good

Gearstar has selected our master builders for their extraordinary expertise and we treat them with the respect that every skilled craftsman deserves. When it comes to your transmission, our builders are given the time and resources they need to do it right the first time.

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