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What else can you be thankful for? The best performance upgrades that can transform your car into a fast and furious ride just by increasing its horsepower. There’s also the benefit of more torque for quicker passing, improved acceleration, and increased towing capacity.

Thus, your vehicle can be the ride to be on the lookout for, and probably one to emulate among hundreds out there. Now while this idea may sound good to you, the problem of where to begin may set in.

Nonetheless, we have outlined some of the best performance upgrades that will use your car’s functions optimally and, therefore, enable it to reach its full potential. The best part? These performance upgrades don’t require mechanic services; so long as you have a basic knowledge of car parts, you’re all set!


Simple Performance Upgrades for Cars

Below are some super simple performance upgrades that can boost and revamp your ride.

1. New Tires

New tires and good ones to begin with, can give your car more power, and as such, it is where you should begin if you want to improve your car’s performance significantly. Great tires will give your ride a greater grip on the road, and help to move swiftly along it. Hence, you can look forward to a pleasurable and smoother driving experience.

2. Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash

A car’s ECU controls the air and fuel mixture (air-fuel ratio) in your engine, which helps to maximize the engine’s power and efficiency. However, manufacturer’s usually program this ECU to perform below the engine’s true capability as a precaution.

That being the case, you can improve the programming of the ECU that will help to unleash its full potential. The engine’s performance will be enhanced as well as the return on gas mileage.

3. Cold-Air Intake

The installation of a cold-air intake system helps to circulate the airflow in your car’s engine and also provides cooler and denser outside air into the engine. For this reason, cold-air intake can help to boost your car’s performance significantly. Its impact is evident in its ability to allow your car to breathe better and as such, drive better.

4. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs with great quality can aid in better combustion, and as such, it would mean more power and fuel economy in your ride. Pairing the two side by side can be extremely rewarding since you don’t get a ride with a high level of performance at the expense of low fuel consumption. But what about the old spark plugs you have? You may wonder.

While these may have also been great quality spark plugs, they could’ve become worn out due to wear and tear. As such, it could impact on the results delivered significantly. That being the case, you can try an affordable swap to new spark plugs on your new or old ride.

5. Bolt-In a High Flow Exhaust

A bolt-in a high flow exhaust will enable your car’s waste to be exited conveniently. And that can be compared to the removal of wastes from the human body! But in this case, your car needs to do the same.

When a bolt in a high flow exhaust is used, it reduces the pressure that is built up within the ride, and therefore, helps the driver to move more efficiently. A bolt also increases the removal process of waste.

6. Bushing Replacement

Bushings are rubber suspension components, and they are employed in providing cushioning, isolating vibration, and reducing friction between metal parts in the car. Manufacturers add rubber bushings which could get damaged easily and thereby cost you better performance of your car.

On the contrary, a replacement of these bushings can ensure that they stand the test of time to provide the level of support they should for a long time. You can, therefore, try polyurethane bushings that have been proven to last longer than rubber bushings. They also take it one step further in minimizing weight transfer and ending vibrations.

7. Forced Induction

A turbocharger or supercharger can help to increase your engine’s power output, and all it’ll take is to increase its horsepower. A turbocharger helps to force air at high speed into the engine. It needs the exhaust gases to build up as the RPMs increase.

In this case, you need to increase the efficiency of the existing turbo to have more engine power without affecting the OEM reliability. A supercharger comes with a belt-driven compressor, and they provide a power hit low in the RPM range.

8. Nitrous

Nitrous provides a temporary-boosting, cooling effect that enters the combustion chamber, which makes the air entering the chamber denser as well. As a result, there can be a more powerful burn that will help to push your ride forward. However, if you need 50 horsepower right away and not a couple of minutes of hours later, you can try a nitrous kit.

9. Camshafts

A performance camshaft, also known as a bump stick, can also be useful in increasing your car’s performance. The camshaft bears a resemblance to a metal stick with bumps at its circumference.

Here, the bumps are cam lobes that decide when air enters in and out of the combustion chamber since they open and close the intake and exhaust valves. Therefore, a change of the cam can improve horsepower significantly. The horsepower can be increased between 30 to 100.

10. Fine-Tune and Reprogram Computer-Controlled Systems

A hand-held reprogrammer in a computer-controlled engine can help to improve fuel delivery, advance timing, and the change shift points on automatic transmissions. Nonetheless, you will need to have a good idea of what you’re up to by following instructions strictly.


The Bottom Line

These are some of the best performance upgrades for car, which you’ll be thankful for after implementing them. They are quite easy to work with, and some require inexpensive components that can still turn your car into the ride it needs to.

Your ride can be fast, offer great fuel mileage, and have reliable components that won’t break down. Hence, you can resort to these upgrades when trying to improve the performance of your car.

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