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Experiencing transmission issues is inevitable as long as you are an active vehicle owner and user. However, the real challenge that you could face is making up your mind about repairing or replacing a transmission.

Each time your vehicle transmission shifts, gears, bands, and clutches within the mechanical system must apply and release so that the shift will occur. This strain occurs regularly and over time, resulting in extensive wear. This could, in turn, lead to some catastrophic or major transmission failure.

Repairing faulty transmissions is one of the costliest ventures you could make on your vehicle. This is why you need to ask yourself these important questions: “Is repairing the transmission worth it, or should you replace it? Is replacing the transmission even worth it?”

The truth is that there is no one straight or one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, repairing the transmission is a better and less expensive option unless your vehicle’s transmission breaks down prematurely.

When a vehicle attains a particular mileage count and age, it doesn’t really make much sense to get a new transmission. This is because the latter will be much more than the vehicle’s current worth.

A transmission breakdown in a relatively new vehicle will require immediate fixing. If you own a vintage automobile, repairing any transmission issues is the best bet.

Factors That Influence the Costs of Replacing a Transmission

The transmission of a modern vehicle is not one solid piece but a jumble of several moving parts. This is the primary reason fixing a vehicle’s transmission is more expensive.

Other factors that influence the overall costs of replacing a transmission include:

  • The age of the vehicle
  • The car manufacturer
  • Is the transmission manual or automatic?
  • Where are you getting the repairs to your vehicle?
  • Who have you quoted to perform the repairs on your vehicle?

These factors will influence your decision to replace or repair your transmission.

1. What is the current worth of your vehicle?

As mentioned briefly earlier, before you decide whether to replace your transmission, compare the cost of replacing it to the total (current) worth of the vehicle.

A brand-new transmission costs anything from $1,000 to $7,000+. Therefore, if the current worth of your vehicle ranges from $8,000 to $10,000, replacing the transmission will be worth it.

But if your vehicle is under or within the transmission range, it won’t make much sense to replace its transmission. The best way out is to scrap and sell off your vehicle in order to get a new car.

Moreover, the overall cost of replacing a vehicle’s transmission depends primarily on the type, model, or make you own. For instance, replacing the transmission of an exotic or luxury vehicle will cost you $10,000 or more. But that of a truck will cost up to $3,000, while a sedan’s new transmission does not usually cost more than $2,800.

2. How Much Will It Cost to Repair a Damaged Transmission?

You should get a well-detailed quote from an experienced mechanic. The quote should highlight how much it will cost you to repair the faulty transmission. If only the transmission troubles your vehicle – and no other component is involved – the quote should mention this.

Get the mechanic to perform an extensive examination of your vehicle in order to find any latent repair issues that need attention. This should be done before agreeing to fix or replace the transmission. The mechanic may come across something else that’s broken and requires fixing. If they do, get quotes for them, too.

It’s all about knowing precisely how much you’re expected to spend in order to get your vehicle up and running.

3. Does this vehicle still meet your needs?

You may have bought the car when you were still a bachelor. But now that you’re married with a couple of kids, the vehicle may not be the ideal one for you at the moment.

Find out if repairing the vehicle is worth it before selling it off and the price it commands. But set your mind on getting another vehicle that will capably meet you and your entire family’s needs. 

4. Is this vehicle well maintained?

The transmission is one of the components that easily go prematurely. In some cases, repairing the transmission will be worth it.

However, your maintenance procedure is key in this instance. If your car is not properly or well maintained, or you have poor driving habits, you may need to consider scrapping or selling off the vehicle.

But if you have always maintained the vehicle in pristine condition within and without, repairing the transmission may be worth it.

5. How Much Longer Do You Want or Intend to Keep This Vehicle?

Some vehicle owners drive their automobiles until they break down. This has significant financial benefits you should consider.

But if the vehicle has operated well all these years and only recently developed this transmission problem, ask how long you intend to keep this vehicle. Would you love to keep driving this vehicle for the next three years or more? If you answered in the affirmative, you should replace your transmission immediately.

You will get your money’s worth out of this brand-new vehicle transmission before selling off the vehicle.

If your automobile is still worth a lot of money, replace the transmission. You will still need to take this action whether or not you have decided to drive it or sell it off. No sane person will pay you a lot of money for a vehicle they can’t drive – since it has no transmission. Driving your vehicle is impossible without a transmission.

One primary advantage of replacing your transmission is the amount of money you will save. Another benefit is the automatic solving of every transmission problem you have encountered.

The Verdict?

As you already know, replacing a transmission is a costly repair job. When you have a major transmission issue, you should ask yourself this all-important question: “Is replacing the transmission worth it?”

Go through the reasons or questions highlighted above. This helps you make informed decisions after contemplating whether replacing the transmission is worth it.

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