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Shift Into The Darkside

By October 8, 2009Uncategorized

It’s no coincidence that Lokar Performance Products’ components can be found in a majority of today’s street rods, and they keep the new products coming. The latest from Lokar, the new Midnight Series line of products, will keep the traditional-minded folks happy, as they are a perfect fit for nostalgia-oriented vehicles.

Lokar’s graceful swan neck shifter, already a classic among rodders, gets blacked out as part of the new series of pieces. Along with the new finish, Lokar Midnight Series shifters come with all the characteristics, such as push-button lockouts and a neutral safety switch, which have made these shifters a must-have item. After we installed the Lokar shifter we topped it with one of their brand new Shift Knob Adapter Kits that allows for the fitment of any style of shift knob while still maintaining the push-down shift function that Lokar shifters are renowned for.