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Street Rodder Road Tour Lunch Stop – Gearstar Transmissions

By January 26, 2010Uncategorized

It’s always nice to see the West Coast in our neck of the woods and thanks to Youngstown native, Jerry Dixey and the Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour, somehow he figures a way to return to Northeast Ohio.

This year the Amsoil sponsored Road Tour made its way to the Buckeye State with a lunch stop at Akron’s Gearstar Transmissions.

Zack and the crew laid out the welcome mat for the Road Tour travelers who welcomed a stop in the Rubber City and a chance to see the inner workings of what has become one of the most popular transmissions ships in America.

“They have been supplying the trannys for many of the Road Tour cars”, said tour driver Jerry Dixie. “I’m here to tell ya these things are bullet proof, especially considering I do right around 20,000+ miles just in the summer!”

This years car, a 1952 Chevy Bel Air, the first post ’48 car that’s been utilized since the tour started in 1996.

Power comes from a stroked small block Chevy with Barry Grant six shooter Triple D induction system giving the ’52 right around 410 horses, they knew they needed a trans that could handle it and once again Gear Star was chosen.

Gearstar’s “bullet proof” 4L60 automatic with overdrive was installed. It’s equipped with 2,000 rpm stall speed and is as flexible as they come with a deep first gear and slightly higher than stock stall speed, is capable of providing slam-you-in-the-seat launches when desired along with low rpm highway cruising when racking up the miles.

And rack up the miles they do, effortlessly.