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Don’t you just hate it when your car runs slow? If that’s a yes, then a good knowledge of some easy mods that’ll make your car faster and how to implement them will ensure it’s a thing of the past.

A fast ride is every car lover’s dream come true and if you’re enthusiastic about yours, that phrase may be a perfect description of your expectations. Look at it this way: your car can be an object of pride, something to show off, and even give you that rush of adrenaline as you race along the road.

But wait! What happens if you’ll rather do the work yourself at home without a third-party tampering with your much-admired baby, would that be possible?

Definitely! Slide under the hood, install some panels, revamp its engine and carry out several other manipulations.

And guess what? Your machine will sound new, run faster, and be several steps closer to your dream car if not there.

On the other hand, there a lot of mods on the Internet which may do a better job at being a waste of time than actually giving you the desired results.

Therefore, we’ll be outlining those that work and those that don’t in order to keep you focused on what’s really relevant to help you achieve your goal.

10 Easy Mods to Make Your Car Faster

There are several easy, affordable ways to make your car faster, louder, and better even if you’re at home while also adhering to local laws, limits, and regulations. If the latter is what you’re out to get, then give each of these a try:

1. Cold Air Intake

We’ve had many people ask, “does an air intake make your car faster?” It sure does, but here’s the interesting thing: cold air is what is required because it is denser than warm air and will, therefore, introduce more air into the motor in order to boost its torque and horsepower. With more condensed air, your engine can breathe better, and the fuel can also be burnt efficiently which helps to push your ride forward. That being the case, cold air intake is one of the easiest mods to make your car faster since air and fuel enable your car to accelerate in the first place.

2. NOS System

Installing a NOS (Nitrous oxide) in your car can help to supply the oxygen needed in short bursts for combustion and to generate more power in your engine. On the other hand, doing this in certain states may be illegal which brings the need to put into consideration if it is allowed in the region where you reside. If it is, one more thing to give a thought to while you are upgrading the amount of air in your motor is ensuring the proper ratio between the gas and fuel in order to make your efforts futile. By doing this, you would’ve successfully achieved the purpose of trying to boost the cool air levels in the first place.

3. Supercharger

A supercharger compresses air and forces it into the engine, thus you can also generate the extra power for your car through its use. However, using a forced air induction system that allows more cool air and fuel to enter the motor may require advanced reconstruction of your engine. The reason is, the system consists of a chain, belt, and a crankshaft and as such, it is a major modification that may need some level of expertise for its installation.

4. Fuel System Upgrade

More air, more air, but what about more fuel in each cylinder? Hey, that’s just as essential if you must ramp your car up to the desired speed in order to prevent pre-detonation. What are we getting at? A fuel system upgrade with the use of high-flow injectors, high-flow filters, high-flow fuel pumps, bigger gas lines, will allow more fuel to be consumed in your car which may not really sound economical, but it does the job just right in giving you the desired speed. Moreover, it’ll do no good bumping the cool air supply without pairing it with a proper fuel-to-air ratio that will aid in combustion.

5. True Dual Exhaust

Did you know an exhaust system can make your car faster and louder? Well, it can! A true dual exhaust system, for instance, is an exhaust that starts all the way from the back and splits into two tailpipes. It can also serve as an alternative to a catalytic converter. What the system does is to facilitate the smooth flow of the exhaust through the engine thereby optimizing the power of the car. Now, before you dive right into it, your best bet is to carry out research on the street legalities of a modification of this nature since it could potentially impact on your emission system.

6. Drivetrain

A drivetrain promises to make your car faster and better because it converts the power generated in the motor to the energy that can be used by your car’s wheels. As a consequence, boosting the power of your car with the supply of cool air and more fuel combustion also brings about the need to upgrade the car’s drivetrain. The drivetrain components that will need to be upgraded include flywheels, clutches, differentials, gears, and driveshafts.

7. Tires

Another easy, affordable way which your car can be made to drive faster is to use nitrogen tires which are less susceptible to air and water vapor. Keep in mind that the weight of the car is supported by the tires and the speed of the motor will also be supported by what’s touching the ground. For this reason, you need great tires that have been properly inflated to handle the corners and twist as you move your vehicle across the country.

8. Brakes

Now don’t squirm when you hear brakes since they’re primarily used to halt the car. However, high-performance brakes are just as important to help you drive faster because, with their help, you can stop efficiently and quickly switch your foot to the throttle to resume your driving spree.

9. Suspension

If you’ll like to take it one step further, there’s the suspension and chassis that also need to be upgraded to handle the increase in power which the engine will be giving out. Accordingly, parts of these components that may require an upgrade include tie rods, tower braces, sway bars, axels, h-brackets, and roll cages

10. Performance Chipset

The latest models of some cars come with a performance chipset which controls the ratio of gas combustion, anti-lock brakes, timing, and other factors. These chips used in stock fuel injection systems limit the amount of air and fuel that can be supplied to the motor. Likewise, there are custom performance chips on the market which can be installed in the car in order to override the car’s factory settings and give the car some level of speed.

10 Mods That Are a Waste of Time

Now that you know what’s effective, it’s time to show you the some of the modifications that are a waste of time which you may do well to avoid entirely. It’ll save you the time, effort, and money.

1. Spark Plugs

There is the general belief that the addition of performance plugs could significantly provide more power to the engine since they ignite the air and fuel mixture in the engine. While that may be true, these plugs need to be coupled with the addition of air and fuel in the motor to make them useful. Thus, before dishing out the cash to get one of these, ensure that you have created a suitable environment for them to thrive.

2. Big Rims

Big rims are a great pair of accessory for your car’s heels, but they may be specifically tailored to a specific car which means, it can do a great job in boosting the car’s speed even though the same cannot be said for every car. If the rims are not a perfect fit for your car, then it will do little or nothing to impact on its speed.

3. Rear Wings

Rear wings became a thing after they were featured in the movie, Fast and Furious. What these wings do, is to ensure your car wheels are still on the road especially if it’s moving with a lot of power. You don’t want it bouncing on and off the road thereby offering a non-seamless driving experience. Thus, the rear wings are beneficial in this aspect and not really when it comes to helping your car move faster.

4. Body Kits

Body kits also got a widespread adoption after they were also featured in Fast and Furious. These kits are sometimes made with cheap materials and may not even be the perfect fit for the car which will allow the car to move fast.

5. Exhaust Tip

While there is a true dual exhaust which can boost the performance level of your car, there is an exhaust tip, on the other hand, making it loud. Now the choice is left for you to make between a faster car whose exhaust has a purpose or a louder one which some people have also sought to achieve.

6. Higher-Grade Fuel

A particular car is designed to optimally use a certain grade fuel and that being so, using a higher-grade fuel than what your car has been designed to handle may not cut it. You must ensure that your car can support the higher-grade fuel you are about to fill it up with it if not it could knock the engine. Similarly, a high-performance car will definitely be able to handle the high-grade fuel and allow your vehicle to run smoothly without feeling like you’ve launched a spaceship.

7. Fuel Additives

One more trick that has been employed in making cars run faster, is the addition of car additives which are not really as effective on regular cars as people have been led to believe. In this case, it is more advisable to run the car in a way which the manufacturer has explicitly stated in the manual.

8. Short Ram Intakes

A short ram air intake with the use of a short pipe will only draw hot air around the motor which is not what is necessary to speed up your car. Hot air cannot boost the speed in comparison to cold air which can do a much better job which, therefore, makes a cold air intake a better option since the filter will be as far as possible from the hot engine.

9. Adding Stickers

Many people believe the use of stickers will add horsepower to their car, but that is not the case. Nonetheless, the same cannot be said about Car Throttle stickers which can add 20bhp which is not advisable.

10. Too Large Exhaust System

A large exhaust will allow your car’s engine to breathe easily and also free its performance. Now, while that may be a good thing, using a box that is overly too large will only draw the attention of everyone around you since a smaller one would’ve done the job just as well without being a nuisance.


Your “need for speed” and to be “fast and furious” can be actualized with the 10 modifications to make a car drive faster and better which we’ve outlined in our guide. While you’re at it, you also know what to keep in mind in order to prevent any potential problems that could arise through certain modifications. So, go ahead and boost the cool air levels, fuel, NOS system, supercharger, etc. and your car will be a wonder to you and an onlooker.

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