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NAG1 refers to a category of automatic transmissions that features a round 13-way connector located near the right side, front corner of the transmission oil pad. The “N” stands for “New”, the “A” stands for “Automatic”, and the “G” stands for “Gearbox”. The number “1” represents the generation, which in this case is generation 1.

Sometimes, you will notice that NAG1 transmissions will be referenced by other names, such as WA580 or W5A580. These “marketing” names can be interpreted in the following manner:

  • W = A transmission using a hydraulic torque converter.
  • 5 = 5 forward gears.
  • A = Automatic transmission.
  • 580 = Maximum input torque capacity, rated in Newton meters.

Top Features of the NAG1

The NAG1 transmission features an electronically controlled 5-speed transmission system with a lock-up clutch that is located in the torque converter. NAG1 gears are activated hydraulically using the electronic controls. The automatic trans is found in many Chrysler products, including Grand Cherokees, Dodge Caravans, Ram trucks, and Jeep Wranglers. It’s not exactly clear why the brand made the switch, but one can expect that the electronic controls played a factor.

The benefits of NAG1 transmissions include:

  • Increased gas mileage.
  • Increased shift control.
  • Increased service life.
  • Lowered maintenance costs.
  • Improved step-ups through the five gears.

Though there were some complaints earlier in the transmission’s lifespan – sensitive to fluid quality, transmission filler tube o-ring leaking, slow shifting – these issues have worked themselves out. In fact, the NAG1 is now praised for its fast shifting capabilities.

Custom Built NAG1 Transmissions

If you are in the market for an NAG1 automatic transmission, Gearstar looks forward to being your partner. We build custom transmissions for our customers based on their exact specifications. All transmissions are made from the highest quality parts, and then tested for performance. If we don’t use parts in our own vehicles, we won’t use them in yours.

Best of all, your NAG1 transmission will be built by one technician, ensuring that it gets all the love and attention it needs to be spectacular.