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It’s that time of the year when you get on the road with your friends and family. But don’t let a laggy ride drag you back, try some performance transmission upgrades that can turn your current car into your dream ride.

There is so much more a high-performance transmission coupled with a torque converter or drivetrain components can do for your vehicle, and for starters, it can improve its horsepower. All you need is DIU upgrades, and where you get stuck, you can employ the services of a professional to give your ride a boost even in the winter cold.

It’s the moment of celebration and as such, even the car you spend a few minutes in should bring you joy. If you agree, then these are the performance transmission upgrades you should try to enjoy the jingle bells season.


Why You Should Optimize Your Transmission for Increased Performance

Here are some reasons why your ride needs a performance transmission upgrade.


1. Engine Produces Torque that Can be Handled

Performance transmission upgrades are important for your car since it ensures that your engine does not produce more torque than what can be handled by the transmission. If that happens, a lot can go wrong which is usually evident in worn synchros, broken shafts, and bent forks.


2. More Power Can be Handled

It is also essential to upgrade your transmission so that it can handle more power, and the same applies to the transmission’s gear ratios to have increased performance. For instance, if you have a GM 4L60/E series transmission which was notably used in performance vehicles, it may not deliver to its best capability due to old-school mods.

Old-school mods are unable to improve the durability of your ride when it comes to extreme racing applications. Modern parts, on the other hand, are able to handle modern horsepower.


3. Improved Acceleration

A performance upgrade to the transmission can enable the engine to spend more time in the power band’s sweet spot. It is, however, worth noting that this might not impact the peak horsepower that is getting to the ground.

Nonetheless, the average horsepower that is put to the ground is increased thereby giving an improved acceleration that makes for a quicker 0-60, quarter mile or lap times.


Performance Transmission Upgrades

Your car’s power and ability to regulate heat all lie in its transmission and as such, this is such a powerful component. You would often need to do the following to get a good performance transmission upgrade:

  • Rebuild manual
  • Rebuild kit
  • Shift kit
  • Accumulator pistons
  • Separator plate
  • Torque converter


1. Rebuild

A great place to start is to replace or rebuild your transmission in a bid to improve its performance. It’ll be one that can handle payload more efficiently, and as such, what you’ll get is a faster and more powerful transmission. When it comes to rebuilding your transmission, you can rely on a car repair shop to do it for you.

In this case, your duty is to ensure that the shop uses the highest-quality OEM transmission parts and has skilled technicians to rebuild your current transmission. The result will be quite rewarding if either of these is in place since it’ll take a good technician to make the most of the quality parts you will be offered.

On the other hand, there are rebuild manuals for automatic transmissions, hence, if you want to do the upgrade yourself, you can be armed with one of these. A good resource manual centers on various aspects of how to work with the transmission in your car including the assembly, dis-assembly, diagnosis, troubleshooting, etc.


2. Rebuild Kits

There are also rebuild kits you can work with and if you choose to do it yourself, this type would prove useful. Let’s say you’re working with a 4L60E transmission, then you can settle for a standard better-than-stock kit with a molded piston kit or a high-performance rebuild kit.

Depending on which you settle for, it will determine the things you can do to your transmission and how well you can optimize your ride. The high-performance kit sometimes features the following: Raybestos Stage 1 clutches, a Kevlar band, a new filter, Kolene steel plates with 8 clutches 3-4 pack and a full bushing kit.


3. Shift Kits

Shift kits are also required in performance transmission upgrades. The 4L60E takes advantage of one of two kits most times, it is better to use one of two shift kits.

Some of these are the TRG-SK4L60E, and the TRG-4L60E-HD2. TRG-SK4L60E helps to prevent, correct, and reduce problems that may be associated with shift performance.

On the same note, it fixes harmonic bounce that may wear out the pump and valves and thereby, cause shuttle shifts.


4. Schedule a Transmission Upgrade

Now’s the time to take action, and schedule a transmission upgrade with a reliable company. In this case, you’ll be getting a high-performance transmission upgrade, and therefore good quality that can give a significant boost in your ride’s speed.

Moreover, such a company is one that has a high level of experience when it comes to high-performance transmission upgrades for vehicles. The same applies to whether it is an automatic or manual you are driving since the transmission in either of these can be upgraded.


5. Accumulator Pistons

There are also accumulator pistons that need to be replaced, and they are usually recommended in the case of a 4L60E rebuild. If they aren’t replaced, these may tend to ruin your transmission. In the 4L60E, a great place to start would be to replace the forward accumulator piston a well as the 1-2 accumulator piston.


The Bottom Line

Now it’s your turn to implement these performance upgrades on your car to improve its horsepower this season. The goal is to have a ride that can handle the impact of the winter given that this season is usually accompanied by snow and ice on roads.

And if you still want to transport easily, these tips can show you where to begin and the transmission in your car that is in dire need of upgrades. Therefore, don’t assume you’ve got the perfect ride, but go out there and do it.